Act of Kindness almost cost a relationship

ike and mercy argue after hug with joe

What looked like an Act of kindness as Big Brother requested, it had a different interpretation in Ike’s eyes.

Mercy picked Joe as the recipient of her Act of Kindness, which was a long meaningful hug. Ike was not at ease with the act as it seemed provocative as well.

Mercy should be the perfect match for Ike since she knows every bit her man especially when it comes to compromising situations with other male housemates. She badly wanted this hug task to end as she yelled out to Joe “come now before people come out.” meaning she wanted it to get done before Ike could surface. However luck was not on her side, as Ike got a glance of the hug and kept the whole feeling to himself in a bid to avoid strikes due to his reaction.

Mercy felt the need to make everything straight but Ike just couldn’t let her as he claimed that he was not offended by the Act. He was over heard saying “I don’t have any problem with you, let me rest,” to Mercy during the morning workout. Nevertheless, he could not hide his anger for long as he stated how Joe was looking at him while hugging his girl Mercy. To him, it looked like Joe was trying to get him riled up.

Mercy insisted until she got through Ike using phases like “For me to come to you, that means I care… I can’t see you worried and not talk to you,”, in a pleading way. This changed his mood as he even offered to wash Mercy’s clothes, however at midnight.

This looks like a good makeup for the couple, but we wonder how long it will last

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