Big Brother Gives Housemates The Baby Egg Task

Big Brother Naija 2019 Baby Egg Task

None of the Pepper Dem housemates ever imagined an egg in their care if not for eating, Big Brother has given each of the housemates an egg to take care of just like a responsible parent would do.

The theme for this week is ‘Acts of Kindness’ and Fun’. However Big Brother first surprised them with an unusual task of parenting an egg.

This means personalizing, taking good care and pampering the egg as a young baby as this task would contribute to the win or loss of the weekly team wager, following the division of housemates into two teams.

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Replacement of baby egg may not be possible as the kitchen eggs were shipped in with a mark on them. The ball remains in their hands to either do the needful or go reckless with the baby.

The teams are taking the task serious as they bath, feed, sing nursery rhymes for their babies, give them names like egg knot, omelette, sugar.

We hope this is being genuine to the baby eggs because they really make a good meal for the fore coming hunger games regardless of what the consequences may be.

Housemates go as far as carrying their babies everywhere they go, just to ensure safety.

However there is an exceptional mother in the house who kept her baby under the bed. We can not imagine her looks and reaction if the little one gets damaged.

As for the current situation all parents are still happy with their babies, however we cant wait to witness a baby loss.