Big Brother issues strike to Tacha, Ike and Joe

Tacha, Ike and Joe get strikes

Its judgement day for three pepper dem housemates as the Biggie gives them strikes.

Even with the much comfort in the Big Brother house, their are rules that all housemates must follow. However, the lists of infringements seemed to have been growing.Tonight Big Brother reminded the Housemates that he is always watching as he issued two warm-up warnings before he got to the business of the day and issued three Strikes for violence and threats thereof.

Big Brother warns Tacha that her hostility would only get her into more trouble as his House is not a fighting ring. He advised her to take better control of her reactions when angry. This was Big Brother’s final warning to Tacha for constantly being involved in fights in the House.

Mercy received a final warning for damaging Biggie’s property when she broke the Oppo Mobile phone at a Saturday Night Party. Big Brother advised Mercy to be in control of her temper and reaction regardless of other people’s actions towards her.

Joe received his first Strike for provoking the untouchable Tacha. Joe got into a verbal argument with Tacha and left his couch to sit next to Tacha to provoke her. He then pulled off her duvet agitating an already irritated Tacha. Big Brother asked Joe if agitating an already annoyed person was wise decision? He cautioned him to promote happiness, fun and peace during his stay in the Big Brother House.

Biggie issued Tacha her first Strike for hitting Joe when he provoked him. He advised that she should have handled herself better and save the situation by walking away. All Housemates were warned to control their temper or they will lose their place in his House. Should Tacha or Joe receive two more Strikes ,they will be Disqualified from the Pepper dem House.

Ike received his second Strike for intent to attack a fellow Housemate (Seyi). If he receives a third Strike he will be disqualified from Big Brother Pepper Dem House. Biggie told Ike that he should use this opportunity to develop his self-control skills and as well all of the Housemates that in times of tension it is their responsibility to behave in a way that makes the House safe for all. Remember, Big Brother is always watching.

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