Frodd in a new love triangle

Frodd and Venita argument

At the look of things, Frodd has both Esther and venita’s hearts at his disposal.

Frodd has had issues with matters of the heart and when Venita came into the House, it even made things more complex, especially now that Esther might have given what she feels for Frodd another thought. Frodd has his game at its best now, more so with these two hearts.

Frodd felt it right to confide in Mike having sensed a switch in Venita’s body language, He said that she was showing a jealous-like reaction each time he was with Esther. Frodd just can’t stop being with Esther to please Venita even when he does not wish to lose both of them. We all understand this superiority feeling especially when there are two beauties on the wait for the same attention.

Mike played the counselor role fairly as he told Frodd to decide on what he really wanted on time. “Before, I used this one, but now I use this,” Frodd replied touching his chest and then his head. That reply clearly shows that he is now putting his brain at work, Thanks to Esther for the great work, Frodd learnt the hard way.

All Venita wanted, was an ear to listen to her, someone like Frodd, she said. Mercy advised her to talk to him and not to conclude yet. We all Wonder why Frodd would want to return to Esther despite all she had done to him, and so does Mercy. this could end up spoiling his new game plan.

From the crying love guy to the wanted love king!

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