Khafi and Venita Iron out their grudge

khafi and venita bury the hatchet

Khafi and Venita finally resolved their conflict after a face-off in the garden yesterday.

Since Venita came into the pepper dem House, her stay has been spicy compared to Cindy and Enkay’s. she was also quick at throwing herself to Gedoni not minding what Khafi’s reaction would be. We guess the disagreement should have rooted from this.

This issue was not over yet as it called for concerned parties to have it resolved, however it was all in vain. Joe was the first person to intervene by approaching Venita and asked her to bury the hatchet. Afterwards, he also met with Khafi in the kitchen on the same matter, but she told him, “I don’t think words are going to change anything.” Hearing her response, Venita sighed to Joe with that look of “I told you.”

Joe’s intervention seemed like it didn’t work, Venita took the matter to the Lion King, Mike. Of course, we are all aware of Mike’s reputation in settling disputes in the House. Both Mike and Venita sat at the dinning but Khafi wasn’t ready for any discussion about the issue, and that’s why she excused herself when Mike and Venita asked her to sit with them to iron out the issue.

Before Seyi gathered all the Housemates in the lounge, Venita was seen walking with Khafi asking her to respond to the matter between them. Khafi replied sharply, “It’s over.” Then Venita responded with “Are you sure?”. In an unconvincing voice, Khafi added, “100 per cent.”

Later on,they both had a long conversation about the matter alone in the lounge. While Venita said that she had no regret for not wanting her in the Task, Khafi said that since they were all in the House together for the same reason, no one should bar anybody from taking part in a Task. After the back and forth, Venita apologized. “I’m really really sorry,” she said.

Looks like Venita is forgiven, however we don’t know if the story will remain the same if she doesn’t stop moving close to Khafi’s man.

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