Reaction to Nomination and Strikes

Sir Dee cries as the Icons lose and Now up for possible eviction

Even after the Nomination Task and the strikes, Drama made its way into the pepper dem house.

Sir Dee became emotional after his team lost the Nomination Challenge to Cruisetopia. Who wouldn’t feel bad especially when you had just one job – saving your team from defeat and eventual Nomination. Nevertheless he got saved from the same Nomination his team was doomed to by Diane the Veto power holder. These thoughts must have weighed heavily on his mind which made him burst into tears telling Omashola that he could have done better. The more the others tried to console him, it really seemed not to make sense as he got more angry with himself.

Hopefully, the thought of staying in the House for another week will eventually console his aching heart.

We all thought Tacha would become nicer after she got her first strike over house fights but instead, she settled for a more conservative “Fu*k you” in response to Joe’s apology. Remember Joe provoking Tacha was the reason why she got riled up and now has a Strike. Joe seemed to have picked sense in Biggie’s words as he decided to clear the air and apologize to Tacha for taking it too far. Guess who wasn’t any of it? Yup! You guessed right. Tacha! She was obviously still pissed off at him and still hurting from her recently acquired Strike. Looks like Joe needs to try again later when the situation cools down.

Ike loses control over his manners right after consuming a large volume of alcohol at the Saturday Night Parties. He’s always back into the House in a mood to get frisky with Mercy or take on anyone trying to rile him up.

We aren’t the only one who noticed this, Diane did too and took it upon herself to advise Ike to steer clear of alcohol, since all of his two strikes have been from incidents resulting from alcohol consumption.

We hope the Housemates will soon realize that there are rules to be followed in Biggie’s House and embrace appropriate behavior as advised.

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