The Wrath of Big Brother

Big Brother's punishment

Enough is enough for the pepper dem gang house rule defaulter as big brother decides to punish the victims.

The victims will not be allowed to participate in the Veto Games and Head of House Challenge in the coming week as punishment for disobeying Biggie’s instruction not to enter the two main bedrooms.

They include; Joe, Tacha Elozonam, Jackye, Omashola, Frodd, Sir Dee, Mike and Enkay. This seemed painful but it’s worthy to note that they did bring this on themselves. This wasn’t just enough Big Brother also promised more actions on this issue and also address all the other housemates as being non-compliant.

Looks like Big Brother can’t bear their defiance anymore. Who else do you think deserves a taste of Biggie’s anger?

Some one just tested the pepper in the winner characteristic, “Tacha Tacha Tacha”. Joe called out her name repeatedly, much to her annoyance. Unsatisfied with his teasing game, he went over to Tacha’s seat. It all started like a mere joke but ended up a flame of fury. Tacha being untouchable, she was heard yelling “You are a stupid fool! Get the fu*k out of my face,” as she got irritated by Joe.

Joe was determined to see the beast in Tacha as he kept reaching for her which she responded in rage, “If you try to touch me, I will hit you!” Tacha at the moment did not care whether she gets a strike or not. However Venita and Khafi saved the whole situation.

If not for the other Housemates to intervened on time, guess it would be another story in the pepper dem house, who knows Biggie’s house, Biggie’s rules and surprises. The leader of the house Seyi did not fail to sound it loud and clear, “Can I please just eat in peace?” And truly, who dared disturb a king when he was eating? There was silence allover.

Joe confirmed the rumor about Tacha the untouchable, however, will things ever be the same between them again or will they settle their quarrel and move on?

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